philistine.mne.retrieve(epochs, windows, items=None, summary_fnc={'mean': <function mean>}, **kwargs)[source]

Retrieve summarized epoch data for further statistical analysis.

  • epochs (instance of Epochs) – The epoched data to extract windowed summary statistics from.
  • windows (dict of tuples) – Named tuples defining time windows for extraction (relative to epoch-locking event). Units are dependent on the keyword argument scale_time. Default is milliseconds.
  • summary_fnc (dict of functions) – Functions to apply to generate summary statistics in each time window. The keys serve as column names.
  • items (ndarray | None) – Items corresponding to the individual epoch / trials (for e.g. repeated measure designs). Shape should be (n_epochs,). If None (default), then item numbers will not be included in the generated data frame.
  • kwargs – Keyword arguments to pass to Epochs.to_data_frame. Particularly relevant are scalings and scale_time.

dat – Long-format data frame of summarized data

Return type:

instance of pandas.DataFrame